Affordable Cataract Options

0% Interest Available

It's important to our vision team that finances do not stand in the way of improving your quality of life.  Health insurance generally does not cover the cost of LASIK, premium lenses or other vision correction treatments. However, we offer financing options with CareCredit so you can schedule your surgery anytime without worrying about paying for it upfront.

What is CareCredit?

CareCredit is an elective healthcare financing credit card that you can use for LASIK and other procedures. CareCredit has several low monthly payment options. There are no upfront costs or pre-payment penalties. One advantage to using CareCredit over a traditional credit card is their deferred interest payment plans; under these plans, patients won't be charged interest as long as they meet their minimum monthly requirements on time and pay off their balance within the pre- determined promotional period.

Applying for CareCredit

If you are interested in the option to use CareCredit for your laser vision correction surgery, talk to a member of our staff for more details. To find out if you qualify, you can go to the CareCredit website and fill out an application.